Garden project at 3-5 Cross Street Ware

About the opportunity

At our Community Hub and shop at 3-5 Cross Street we run a range of activities for adults and young people who have a learning disability.  

We support people to access all sorts of activities and community based services, shops, restaurants, bowling, cinema etc. At the hub we run a range of activities for people to join in such as art and craft, shop and cook, jewellery making, walking groups and garden club.

We need volunteer gardeners to help us develop our garden into a beautiful sensory area for everyone at our hub to enjoy. We would like our students to share the joy of growing plants and vegetables and the outdoors. Some of the plants and vegetables we will sell in our Community Shop.


What are we looking for?

Someone with gardening skills and a few hours to spare who can work alongside our students, adults and young people with learning difficulties. Preferably a team player with a sense of humour. And, if you've previous experience of adults with learning difficulties, that'd be even better.

Practical Considerations

Guideposts hub is at 3-5 Cross Street, Ware

We will require a DBS certificate


Our hub is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

 If you are interested please email Jan  on [email protected]