Although the 1959 Care Act advocated care in the community, no such provision existed. Over the coming years, Cliff Upex embarked on a mission to open conversations and the minds of healthcare professionals and MP's. Many opinions were shared but little support for the community housing concept was found. Cliff was determined that something needed to be done to address the vast numbers of people being held in hospital unnecessarily.

So, in 1972, He formed Guideposts Trust to help change this. The charity had a big vision, but sadly no money. Most of the work until that point had been done by Cliff on an entirely voluntary basis.

Around this time, Rev. Peale founder of Guideposts USA (magazine) visited with his wife. They discussed the progress of the magazine with Raymond Cripps and Cliff Upex, who shared the concept of supported housing for people trapped in hospital. They discussed how, as a British charity, they could raise funds for this but had no money to help the idea start and move forward.

Rev Peale immediately asked how much they needed to get started, however, at this point, the concept had not been fully costed and Cliff and Raymond could only give him a very rough figure. Rev Peale promised to send a cheque when he got home, which he did.

The figure proved to be far too small. However, it gave Cliff all the motivation he needed to commit more of his time to Guideposts.