Guideposts is a multi-disciplinary Social Care & Mental Health network, focused first-and-foremost upon PEOPLE. With 40 years’ experience, we exist to meet individual needs so that each person has the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and maximise their potential.

We adopt a collaborative and complementary approach to ensure that vulnerable individuals – often with a range of complex needs and expectations – do not fall through gaps in geographic or specialisation boundaries. Our Vision is a society where all people are valued.
Our Role is to break barriers, bridge gaps and build social inclusion opportunities for those living with long term or degenerative conditions and for those who care for them. We deliver information, care & support to widen individual choice and broaden society’s perceptions. We will lead from the front when necessary and from within when appropriate. Inherently agile and flexible when responding to individual need, we drive ourselves to be innovative and collaborative in exploiting technology, developing services and securing funding. Under strong and innovative management, we have already gone some way into developing new business models and governance systems. However, in order to support and sustain this work, we must change the way that all staff and volunteers (including Trustees) at Guideposts think of ourselves and, crucially, how we explain our work and relevance in the UK.

Looking to the Future

Holistic social care, dementia and mental health issues are high on the political agenda – with all major political parties acknowledging the requirement and desire to address the wide range needs of an aging, ethnically diverse population. The recent introduction of the Care Act will significantly change how individual care needs are identified and articulated. While it is too early to ascertain how those wellbeing requirements will be met and funded, we believe that this represents an opportunity for multi-skilled charities, such as ours, with the agility and appetite for change and collaboration to identify and meet the needs of vulnerable people.

To that end, we are seeking to enhance our Board of Trustees to support the Directors as we drive ourselves to be innovative and collaborative in exploiting technology, developing services and securing funding, seek to shape both local and national debates and ensure important social care and well-being issues are addressed.
We are looking for committed and talented individuals, ideally with a background in law, finance, HR or IT or experience of social care across our areas of service delivery or user groups to join our Board of Trustees. We are especially keen to hear from applicants with experience of change management and/or service development.
For further information please contact Kate Worrall, Guideposts Managing Director.
Telephone: 01993 893560.
Email: [email protected]