What happens at the community hub?

The community hub is a place where adults with learning disabilities can come to make friends, gain confidence and feel involved in their local community. 

Everyone who comes to the Hub has a voice and is listened to, and all the activities we do are chosen by the group members themselves. 

Our friendly, experience team are always on-hand to ensure daily activities are cost-effective, practical and safe. 

We can work with individuals and their support teams on specific areas of their support plan. for example independent travel, road safety, healthy eating and many more every day tasks that are essential in working towards and independent lifestyle. 

What kind of activities are there?

At the hub we do lots of exciting, creative activities. We also go out and about on trips in the community and further afield. All of the activities we do are chosen by the group and can include:

  • Outings to local parks, farms and amenities. 
  • Day trips to the Seaside or leisure parks. 
  • Cookery and healthy eating workshops.
  • Personal safety and road safety training. 
  • Celebration parties and barbecues.
  • Creative arts groups. 

What's good about the hub?

Coming to the hub allows you opportunities to:

  • Socialise and make friends
  • Gain more independence
  • Feel more confident
  • Become part of a group
  • Do activities and trips
  • Access community facilities safely
  • Obtain the skills to live life in a healthy and safe way 
  • Have choice and control over what you do 
  • Explore, learn and be creative

' We love coming here and doing all the different types of art, It's relaxing and I feel like I'm achieving something' Service user

 When are the groups?

 Community and activities groups take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

 In-house art groups take place on Monday and Wednesday

To find out more

Contact Steve Gazzard

By phone on 01453 767888 or 07894 256 222

By email [email protected]

By post - Guideposts Community Hub Stroud, 6 London Road, Stroud, GL5 2AA