Shared Lives Carers at Guideposts

Being a Shared Lives carer is a challenging, fulfilling role with full training and support provided, that you can do from home. Shared Lives carers give vulnerable adults with physical or learning disabilities a temporary home or place to go with support, and so they can experience family life.

Shared Lives Carers are:

* Assessed and trained by us

* Paid according to type of support they provide and the needs of the person they're caring for

* Living in and around the areas we operate in (namely Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk)

* An individual or a family who can offer short or long-term accommodation in their own home

Shared Lives Carers provide:

* Long-term live-in care and support – The adult moves in and becomes part of the family. Sometimes this is as way of a transition whereby they can learn new life skills to enable them to move on to more independent living. Or where someone’s support needs are higher it could be living with the family on a more permanent basis.

* Short term live-in care and support – The adult moves in and temporarily becomes part of the family as way of respite or a short break (to give the family/main carer a break).

*Day support – One-on-one or small groups; allowing the cared for adult to be included and active in their community with their Shared Lives Carer facilitating this.

What you need to know:

Shared Lives carers are self-employed and you will only be paid when you have a person in placement.

The relevant Guideposts Shared Lives Scheme team will complete a full assessment with you and any other family members. This assessment included home visits, as well as full DBS checks. The assessment is used as part of the matching process.
The approval and matching process can take  time as it is essential that everyone involved is positive and happy about the proposed placement. Every placement is different, and unique to the people involved.
You will need to go on training courses before working, which our teams will support you to undertake.