If you like the outdoors, helping the environment, learning new skills, making friends and having some fun then this may be for you...

Guideposts has exclusive access to woodland close-by to our other Hertfordshire projects. It is here that we hold out 'Great Grove' Woodland management project for adults with learning disabilities.
The project is completely inclusive and encourages an active lifestyle with a sense of purpose and community team work through a variety of woodland management activities. We aim to promote self-confidence, life skills and independence and have seen some great results for our service users.
What does it involve?
You can choose from a range of different activities including:
* Making a fire                
* Making hot drinks using the campfire
* Cutting down trees    
* Sawing wood
* Splitting wood            
* Making stakes
When is the project held?
The project runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Taking part costs £30.78 per session (9.15 – 3.15) per person and usually includes transport.
We work on an individual basis with families and carers so may be able to extend our provision, please make to discuss your needs.
How do I find out more?
To find out more you can contact
Helen McManus on 07805 756160
Guideposts Hertfordshire office on 01920 484946 
You can also email [email protected]