Gloucestershire Carers Emergency Scheme

Who runs the scheme?

The scheme is run by a partnership on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council:

Guideposts: we coordinate the scheme and offer support with plans for replacement care in the event of an emergency;

Worcestershire Telecare: provide a 24 hour helpline, so that you can access support in the event of an emergency at any time;

Crossroads Care: provide support workers who will carry out replacement care in the event of an emergency;

Carers Gloucestershire: undertake Carers assessments & coordinate Level 1.

How do I access the scheme?

To start with you will need a Carers assessment.

Carers Gloucestershire will undertake an assessment of all your needs as a Carer. As part of this assessment the Carers Emergency Scheme will be considered, and you will be helped to establish which level is most appropriate for you.

For level 1 the contact details of your nominated persons will be taken and provided to the 24 hour helpline.

For level 2 your details will be referred to Guideposts, who will help you to create a plan for the care and support that needs replacing.

When all the necessary information is completed you will then be sent confirmation that will include:

* A registration pack;

* A card with your registration number;

* Who to contact in an emergency;

* Who to contact if things change and you need to update your plan.

How much does it cost?

This scheme is provided to you free of charge.

What happens in an emergency?

You or someone on your behalf will call an emergency number, explain the situation and give your details. Emergency situations include things like:

* Being taken ill or admitted to hospital unexpectedly

* Being called into a family emergency elsewhere

* Being stuck due to unexpected travel problems and can’t reach the person they care for.

Level 1 – the helpline will get in touch with your nominated contacts.
Level 2 – within two hours a support worker will be provided to offer the support in your plan. If the emergency lasts longer than 48 hours we will help make other arrangements from Gloucestershire County Council.

Who do I find out more?

For general enquiries about the scheme call Guideposts on 01452 529697

Or to speak to Carers Gloucestershire about a Carers assessment. You need one of these before you can register for the scheme. They can be contacted on: 0300 111 9000.