Moving away from housing support prompted Guideposts to rethink its approach entirely in the early 1990’s.

Supporting people with mental health issues and learning disabilities to live well in their community would remain a central objective for the Charity, however Guideposts needed to find new ways to do this.

The big question was how, particularly when funding was, as is today, a critical requirement. This is when Guideposts decided to appoint its first full-time fundraiser.

In order to maintain the provision of training, care and counselling, Cliff came up with the idea of establishing community centres now referred to as hubs.

The first of our hubs was established in Watford, in support of people with complex mental health issues. Cliff Had found a house in the Centre of Watford, which thanks to the generous support of The Henry Smith Charity, was fully refurbished to welcome people throughout the day. In gratitude of this support, the hub was named Henry Smith House.

Soon after that, the opportunity arose to establish another hub, this time for people with learning disabilities, in the middle of a housing estate on Cross Street in Ware.

Both hubs still exist today alongside others that have since been established in Witney, Stroud and Gloucester.

Each hub offer a range of projects, all different and adapted to local need. Project include for example Guideposts Befriending schemesFriendship 4AllMates n Dates; Dig n’ Grow community garden; Ware Work training project ; Forest School and other woodland projects such as Great Grove