Gloucester Day Centre at St Catherine's

A safe, engaging and supportive social environment for people living with Dementia and related conditions.Read more

Gloucester Lunch Club

A supportive and social setting for people living with Dementia or related conditions and their carers. You can also access a range of support and complimentary therapies.Read more

Gloucestershire Carers Emergency Scheme

Do you care for someone? What would happen if you were caught in an emergency? The Gloucestershire Carers Emergency Scheme can help. It will give you peace of mind that the person you care for will receive support if you are unexpectedly unavailable.Read more

Guideposts Friendship Schemes

Our Friendship Schemes provide lots of great opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to get out into their local community, make friends and have fun. Make friends one on one or join group outings.Read more

Stroud Community Hub

The community hub is a place where adults with learning disabilities can come to make friends, gain confidence and feel involved in their local community.Read more