As part of Trustees week we would like to take time to thank those who volunteer for Guideposts. 

Our Trustees dedicate their time and expertise to the charity and it is their inspiration, and drive that enables us to make a difference to so many people.

The Trustees experience, skills, and beliefs help shape the Guideposts of today as well as define the Guideposts of tomorrow so that our Charity can continue to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of those affected by caring, ageing, learning disabilities and mental health.


Lydia Hirst - Chair

Lydia joined the Guideposts board of Trustees in 2009 after working alongside the charity for over 10 years. She is currently setting up a  technology development tool for care staff working with people who have Dementia. She strongly supports the ethos of the charity in working with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in society. Recognising the changes in funding, she is working with fellow Trustees and senior managers to help ensure the on-going financial stability of the organisation and its transformation to a social enterprise continuing to deliver highly valued services both face to face and on line.


Andrew Woodhead

Andrew joined our board of Trustees in 2013 and has 30-years of experience in healthcare management. He is a former member of a Department of Health Expert advisory panel on hip and knee surgery.  Andrew left the NHS in July 2012 to establish a consultancy practice. Andrew's experience of helping his father find support for his mother who has dementia and lives in Oxfordshire, has given him a personal interest in the needs of vulnerable adults and their carers.


Martin Gallagher

Martin joined Guideposts in 2001 and is Chief Executive of People in Action, a registered charity working with people with disabilities in Warwickshire. He is also Director of Services and board member for Mencap National Society, Chair of the Community Health Council and sits on the board of Mencap Housing Authority. Martin's vast experience in the health care sector, in particular with regards to supporting people living with a disability.  


Dr Catherine Oppenheimer  

Dr Catherine Oppenheimer joined Guideposts in 1990 and is our longest serving Trustee. She is a Consultant Psychogeriatrician in the Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare NHS Trusts Department of Psychiatry of Old Age in Oxford.  She is also a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University Department of Psychiatry, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and of the Royal College of Physicians, and Regional Advisor in Psychiatry for Oxford.  She was formerly Psychiatric Tutor for Oxford and co-ordinating Tutor for the Oxford Regional Training Scheme in Psychiatry.  She is co-editor (with Dr Robin Jacob) of the textbook Psychiatry in the Elderly, published by Oxford University Press, and writes on ethical issues in old age and sexuality in old age. Her knowledge and experience have been invaluable in helping us shape and develop support and services for older people, people with dementia and their carers.


Gilly Wilford

Gilly joined us in 2013 and is a Chartered Accountant with significant contract negotiation, commissioning and leadership experience. Gilly's brings experience of contract negotiation and commissioning.


Ingrid Blades

Ingrid has been on our board of Trustees since 2015. Ingrid founded a Social Enterprise in 2015. She brings a wealth of skills and experience from the NFP and commercial environment and is the HR and OD Lead on the board.


Diana Billingham

Diana joined the Board last year. She has spent most of her 35 year career working in the IT Services industry, more specifically for large international companies, working with clients in Europe, USA and Asia partnering with telecommunication and software companies, providing consulting advice and designing enterprise IT systems. She loves technology and how enabling it can bring real benefits and positive change to organisations in the digital age.  She has been personally affected by dementia within her own family, seeing the devastating impact it can have on individuals and recognising how much support is needed to support people and their families at this difficult time. Diana believes that, going forward, technology should play a more important role in helping deliver innovative services for people in need and wants to support Guideposts with this.


This Trustees week, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our Trustees for their passion, time, and commitment to Guideposts.


If you would like to find out more about becoming a Trustee for Guideposts please contact [email protected]

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