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South and Vale Young Carers is changing its name … on 26 January 2017, Young Carers Awareness Day, its name will change to:

Why change? South and Vale Young Carers has ambitions to extend its service to other parts of the County knowing the lack of specialist provision. It therefore needed a name that would resonate with young carers across the County that would not be associated with a particular area of the County. Young Carers Involvement Working with the Oxford based design agency, Monchu, before Christmas a group of young carers were invited to come to a focus group specifically to help choose a new name. Young carers gave their views about what the organisation provided, how it made them feel and what words and images they associated with those feelings. It was clear from what young carers said that they saw the organisation as happy, positive and supportive, giving them free time to socialise, relax, make friends, have fun and learn relevant skills to help them in their caring roles which was clearly very important to them. Monchu took the feedback from the group and transformed it into the new name and logo. Our Young Carers Services Demand for our young carer respite trips, activities, training and support, continues to increase each year. Currently we are supporting 400 young carers a year and know there are many more to reach. We arrange over 22 trips and activities each year, from Harry Potter World to ten pin bowling in Oxford. We also arrange skills training for young carers to help them cope with their caring responsibilities; training such as first aid and cookery.
Young Carers say about us: ‘Going on the trips made me feel that people do care’ ‘I got a new friend on the trip and it made me happy for the week’
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‘It’s a fun day out and I don’t have to worry about my brother’ ‘It made me more aware of what other people do and what I do’ ‘It gave me time to relax and to have a clear head’ ‘I now know what to do when my Dad falls over’ Families say about us: ‘I want to thank you for all that you have done for our son. He loves receiving news letters from South and Vale Young Carers and he gets really excited when his post comes through the door. He absolutely loves the trips and it helps him to know that he has some special time out just for him. We have so much going on at home that I can’t always give him the attention he needs and what your charity does for him helps to relieve pressure across the whole family.’ The Oxfordshire Community Foundation 2016 report ‘Oxfordshire Uncovered’ highlighted our work as an exemplar community solution ( Recently Children in Need said of our service that many of the young people we support have made new friends as a result of the short respite breaks we provide, with friendships continuing outside of the sessions and support we provide. This enables young people with caring responsibilities the chance to feel less isolated and alone, knowing they are mutually supported. Chairman of Trustees, Lesley Legge, said that: “This is an important change for young carers and this organisation. Young carers have been brilliant in helping us choose a name, they have told us what they like about what we provide and how it makes them feel, how it helps them and we have responded and reflected their views in our new name and logo. They told us they liked the time and freedom our activities and training gives them. The new name will enable us to fundraise to extend our young carer services to other parts of the County without the restriction of a geographically based name. It’s a fresh start” About South and Vale Young Carers South and Vale has been supporting adult and young carers since it was established in 1994. As an independent charity, the organisation now provides support just to young carers. It is a unique professional service offering individual emotional and practical support, arranging over 22 free respite trips and activities each year and skills training. Young carers are involved in the planning of the service. Demand for our services is high and increasing. Currently South and Vale Young Carers is supporting over 400 young carers a year. South and Vale Young Carers receives no statutory funding and is entirely reliant on its efforts to raise the funds needed to maintain the services it offers. Ends – – – – – – – – – – – – Note to Editors:
For more information and to arrange interviews with young carers involved please contact: John Tabor, Manager, South and Vale Young Carers Office: 01235 838 554 Mobile: 07747 602 918 [email protected]
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