Neu Voices & Friends invite you to a Musical Celebration

 Neu Voices, a choir for people living with neurological conditions, is celebrating its achievements on 20th July.

Joined by some musical friends and performers, the choir will showcase some of the music it has been learning since its inception in January this year.

The music will be followed by a delicious afternoon tea – raising funds for the choir to continue next term.

Neu Voices is run by two qualified Music Therapists Rachel Smith and Jane Crampton, with support from a dedicated team of volunteers. Jane said I am amazed at the wonderful progress of the choir in such a short space of time – the sound they make together is incredible.

Neu Voices, the first of its kind in the county, brings together people with neurological conditions (such as Parkinsons disease, aphasia and MS) or who are recovering from a brain injury or stroke and help them to build confidence and make music for themselves. It is also aimed at their families, friends and carers.

Research has shown that people living with conditions like aphasia can really benefit from singing which can help improve speech and communication.

Rachel said: Singing is a very sociable activity that can improve speech articulation and confidence and raise self-esteem. It can also enable a person to feel a valued member of a group.

Music connects people with each other irrespective of communication abilities and supports areas of physical health such as breath and voice control. Neu Voices Choir is a place where people can sing together, make new friends and share and sing their favourite music.

For more information please contact Rachel Smith at [email protected] or call 07870 392620.