In the early 1990's Guideposts Trust were experiencing a time of evolution. Guideposts The Housing Association had now separated from Guideposts Trust the charity,but the drive to continue its support for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities remained.  

In order to address the changing times, Guideposts Trust began to develop plans for two hubs. The first of these was for people with mental health issues. The Local Authority made available a rent free property in the centre of Watford. However, Guideposts needed to raise £100,000 to refurbish it in order to make it fit for purpose.

A series of local and national appeals began in order to raise the funds required. These were well responded to and within a year the £100,000 target had been met. The Henry Smith Charities responded to the appeal for funds with a large donation, it therefore seemed fitting to name the hub Henry Smith House.

Henry Smith House was officially opened by Prunella Scales on 15th September 1992, and the hub has come a long way in its first quarter of a century. Henry Smith House has always been a place that works alongside those with mental health difficulties; offering person centered care and a range of activities that support their needs and desires in life. 

Carers are well supported by the counselling and crisis management teams, and each person who attends has a link-worker that works closely with the psychiatric support team around them. 

The people who attend the centre are encouraged to participate in various workshops, enabling them to develop their skills and wellbeing. They have access to social activities, befriending schemes, and go on outings to interact with their local community; offering a positive sense of wellbeing and preventing isolation. 

This approach to mental health support means that those who attend Henry Smith House have the vital support they need to live well in their community. The risk of them being admitted to hospital or needing additional statutory care is much lower, and carers can feel reassured that their loved one is being well supported.

 If you would like to know more about the work of Henry Smith House, or need support for mental health issues please visit their webpage here.