Happy, Healthy and Involved!

Guideposts is an incredibly proud partner of the Happy, Healthy and Involved project. This collaborative venture between Warwickshire County Council, Whitestone Surgery and its Patient Participation group, Guideposts and other selected partners aims to encourage local residents to become actively involved in the health and wellbeing of the Whitestone community. 

The project's key objectives are to identify the needs and requirements of local residents including:

  • Reducing loneliness and isolation.
  • Create opportunities to actively encourage positive wellbeing.
  • Provide additional, sustainable health and wellbeing services to complement the existing services. 
  • To develop a well being hub for the local community which will be considered as a pilot for other areas in collaboration with the CCG.

This week saw the launch of the project's first Happy, Healthy and Involved community event at The Whitestone Community Centre attended by local residents and over 25 supporting organisations including the Mi-Life truck. The event offered an opportunity for residents over the age of 50 to gather information about walking groups, join the local library, seek help about their health, finances and mobility and become a volunteer for a local charity. 

500 local residents have been given HERE! membership which offers advice and guidance to those living with or, caring for those who have a chronic, long-term health condition. Guideposts joined the Here First and Mi-life team to offer advice and assessments to local residents, helping them to enjoy happier, healthier and more independent lives in their own home. 

Talks were also given by Mike Slemensek, - Locality officer for Warwickshire County Council, Di Kent - Chair of Whitestone PPG and a representative of the Silverline charity outlining the objectives of the project and how it could support the local community. 

We are very much looking forward to the Christmas event and an opportunity to meet and support more of the Whitestone residents. 

If you would like a copy of the Happy, Healthy and Involved Whitestone residents guide please click here.

If you would like to find out more about the HEREFirst membership and how it can support you and your family please go to www.herefirst.org.uk or call 0300 222 5709.