£2 billion spending on Social Care? Well of course, any money set aside for Social Care, is welcomed by us at Guideposts. But we must remember that 3rd Sector colleagues and cross-party political committees had already identified that £1.5 bn was required THIS YEAR alone – to meet the need of our most vulnerable citizens. NCVO & CSA remind us that the annual funding gap is expected to reach £2.6bn by 2020, if you respect the LGA’s insight . Therefore, the Chancellor must now realise that successive austerity cuts have pared the Health & Social Care System to the bone and deeper! The entire system is now weakened beyond repair and unfit for purpose. That’s why we call it a “Care Crisis.”  The care system needs to be rebuilt, with a strategic and sympathetic eye on the unavoidable demands placed upon any government by a diverse, growing and ageing population. Now is the time for long-term upstream investment in innovative systems , which not only meet our vulnerable citizens’ needs, but which also recognize and welcome those citizens’ potential contribution to our diverse society. Only in this way can we change the way that our society views, funds and discharges its shared current and future Health & Social Care responsibilities.  We await the Green Paper with keen interest. We also hope to be afforded consultation on the complex, long-term issues that our growing number of clients face and the innovative solutions we have developed to help support them and their loved ones.