"Thanks to More Friendship4 All Fun Fab Friday Group, I can meet up with friends now on Friday night. I am no longer sitting on my own."



Fun Fab Friday is a group running every Friday evenings for adults with learning disabilities living in Ware. It gives them a unique chance to go out, meet with friends and have fun on a Friday night, just like everyone else. The group forms part of the More Friendship 4 All project, a dynamic and innovative Friendship Scheme in Hertfordshire, which received a 4 years grant from the Big Lottery Fund in 2016. 

People attending are given the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities which include cookery, pool, karaoke and befriending parties, in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The evening offers the chance to enhance life skills, social interaction and relationship building in a supported space. 

We would like to thank our Fun Fab Friday's volunteers, Mary Atkinson and Pat Radcliffe and professional chef Richard Rowe for their time, dedication and hard work. Finally we would like to thank the Big Lottery Fund for their support without which Fun Fab Friday could not take place. 

Fun Fab Friday is held across Hertfordshire for adults with Learning Disabilities over the age of 16. If you would like to find out more about Fun, Fab Friday in Ware please contact Jo Radcliffe on [email protected] . 

Fun Fab Friday also operates in other areas of Hertfordshire. For further information please contact Emma Metcalfe on [email protected] .