Caring for a loved one can be the most rewarding and challenging role we commit to in our lives. It is something we do out of love and compassion for those close to us.

When someone's health and wellbeing entirely depends on you, the financial and emotional responsibility can be an overwhelming and isolating experience.

That is why, every year Guideposts runs the Caring at Christmas campaign. Caring at Christmas means that carers do not have to cope alone, that they have someone at the end of a phone waiting to support them, to listen to their worries.

By donating just £5 you can give a carer the chance to access our experienced advice and guidance team. The team spends time talking through the carer's day to find out what challenges they face and talk through the help that is available to them; making sure they can have some time to take care of themselves, are coping financially and can find a way to resolve any issues that they have.

Your £5 can help us to put a carer in touch with other carers in a social setting, so that they can find comfort and support in each other. 

Your £5 can provide a respite session so that a carer can take some time to have their hair done, relax with a friend for a cup of tea and a chat, or just rest.

Your £5 can provide a carer with an information prescription, telling them all of the support that is available to them and their loved one in their own local community.

Your £5 can provide a home assessment to access equipment that will help them with personal care and day-to-day living.

Your £5 can do so much for someone caring this Christmas. Thank you for your support