Our GLADS Centre needs to raise £1500 to refurbish their kitchen so that they can keep cooking and baking. 

GLADS is Guideposts Leisure and Day Service for adults with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire

Established 10 years ago in Witney, it gives people a chance to be more involved in their local community, and develop a range of skills to achieve greater independence and wellbeing. 

Every week, our members take part in cooking and baking activities which provides an opportunity for:

  • Discussing costs and making a budget;
  • Discussing recipes and negotiating menus;
  • Creating shopping lists and research ingredients;
  • Shop for ingredients, navigate supermarkets; manage money & manage their environment.
  • Preparing food, considering hygiene presentation and risk; 
  • Maintaining food preparation areas and equipment

Our members enjoy making a meal to share with their friends, or making cakes and biscuits. You can often see them in the courtyard running a stall for Macmillan, Children in Need or Comic Relief, inviting passers buy to join them in having a cup of tea and a slice of cake. They love this so much that they have worn the kitchen out and our appliances are in desperate need of replacement. 

These may seem like everyday tasks, but for our members they are an opportunity to extend their independence and develop their confidence.

Some of our members aspire to move into supported accommodation where they can use the skills they have learned at our centre to take care of themselves, while others just want to become more involved in home life with their families.

In order for these activities to continue our GLADS Day Centre needs to replace it's appliances. 

We Need ;

A Built in Single Oven

An Extractor Hood

A Fridge Freezer

A Dishwasher

A Hot Water Dispenser

A Microwave Oven

A PAT ( Portable Appliance Testing) to come in a test electrical equipment for us. 

We need £1500 to replace these items or a kind donation of any of the above items in good working order. 

Can you help us?

We are so grateful for your support. If you can help us by donating any of the items we need please contact Kelly Gough on [email protected].org.uk 

Thank you 

* Any additional funds raised over and above the target amount will go towards funding other resources for the GLADS Centre.