"My husband has Alzheimer’s Disease. I would like to tell you about the extraordinary effect that Guideposts Music Therapy sessions have on both of us.....”
Read Penny's story in her own words....

......The journey of Alzheimer's is a like a walk into the woods where it gets darker and darker and more scary, the further you go. You feel lost and afraid but then, suddenly, there is a shaft of brilliant sunlight coming through the trees and you sigh with relief and feel reassured!  Now you can see where you are, look back and see where you came from and know that you are not, after all, completely lost. Our Guideposts Music Therapy sessions are this shaft of light in our shared walk into the woods.

My husband looks forward to his Music Therapy sessions immensely. He is often anxious and irritable getting ready to leave the house for the session, which in turn can be stressful for me.  But he always returns more relaxed and happier than at any other time in the week! This transformation reminds me of times with a fractious baby whom I could not comfort, but who a friend picked up, soothed and thus soothed me. I think the one-to-one skilled use of the relationship, through the medium of music, by Guideposts therapists, is rather similar.

My husband once told me how his music therapist followed him on the piano when he played a percussion instrument. So now sometimes, he and I will tap on the kitchen top, and pass the rhythm back and forth - a strange sort of cconversation in the place of the real talking we used to do before he lost that ability. It is a small but real consolation!

My husband was born in the North East and now, when he sings Northumberland folksongs, he is moved to tears, both by the beauty of the simple songs, and because they allow him to express his sadness at losing so much of himself to the illness. Music can reach and express feelings and memories that the spoken word cannot access let alone articulate.

Guideposts' Music Therapy is a gentle but powerful tool and I wish that all people suffering this devastating disease could access it on the NHS . The benefit is not just for the sufferer but also for the carer! Holding hands with someone as you try to find a way through the ever-darkening wood when they can longer read the map, is emotionally draining. So when the shaft of light comes through the trees it is a tiny miracle and makes it possible to carry on!"  Penny J

Guideposts is a registered charity delivering a wide range of therapies, advice and support to people living with long-term or degenerative conditions. Delivering meaningful therapy through qualified practitioners is not cheap. But it is extremely effective. Your donation will sustain us and help us grow - creating more therapeutic sessions, more "shafts of sunlight" and beautiful memories for people walking through dark, scary woods together..... Thank you so much!

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